Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5.11 Tactical - Watch packaging design

New watch packaging box/display. The lid acts as a display for the watch to sit in. I was really happy with how these turned out. The quality of the box was nice.

Concept | Design - Photoshop | Illustrator


(early sample and prototype - not at scale)

(Illustrator dielines)

(Finished production sample from Hong Kong)

(Finished production sample and prototype))

(Finished production sample from Hong Kong)

Encore Automotive Systems - Desktop Pics/Wallpaper


Random work stuff...

Pic of a studio setup I did for work. Had to do a product stack for Holiday Promos. I had to pick product that fell into 4 categories - $100 and under, $75 and under, $50 and $25... I developed a concept for the design, did the photo shoot.

Here's one of the talker's - there are 2 different marquees and 4 different letter sized talkers.