Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sac Homes Cover - "Special Edition" Stylemakers of the Year

I was asked to design the cover of a "Special Edition" of Sac Homes. Its called Stylemakers of the Year. So I sat with the editors, writers and brainstormed ideas. This was all my concept. I thought of award shows, plus the colors fell into the holidays...

CS3 Photoshop & InDesign

Advertising Promo Piece

This was just an Advertising Team Poster Design that was done for fun. I really dig Rock'N'Roll poster & album cover design.

The boxer was a piece of low res clip art from the web. I took that threw it on a background layer in FreehandMX. Then took the pen tool and traced it, creating clean vector art. Once that was done the rest was easy... This is all concept stuff.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Special Event Cover Spec

I did this as a front cover for a special section of a newspaper. Its for the Annual Strawberry Festival. It didn't make the cut. I was told it wasn't "hokey" enough. First of all... I'm a west coast kid - what the hell is "hokey"? They also said it was too hip and contemporary. Maybe it was a good thing it didn't get chosen. Anyway...

I used a photo supplied by a local photographer. Ran a couple of filters in Photoshop to get a little bit of a worn look to the pic.


Whiskey Wild - Bar & Grill

I went to this place and its pretty nice. I ordered chicken tacos, but was mistakenly given fish tacos instead. But it was a great mistake cause those fish tacos were excellent. I also sampled a really nice whiskey. It had a smooth, almost vanilla flavor to it. Its $80 a bottle. Being a whiskey bar they specialize in... whiskey.

Anyway, after visiting these were the two designs I came up with... I woulda liked some interior pics of the place, but didn't have any. I used images from the web and the bar's logo.

CS3 Photoshop & InDesign

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brian Setzer Bootleg Album Artwork

I forgot who asked me to do this... but I had a request to rip audio from YouTube and create an album for this series of live Brian Setzer recordings. All the video was posted by Straymouse - Thanks.

I used Photoshop CS3 and images found on the web.

Quote by Straymouse:

"Brian Setzer visited a small vintage guitar shop of Japan in 1992 with Rich Modica who was the guitar tech of Brian Setzer. This live was performed there at the time. The guitar and the amp were prepared by the shop, so the guitar is not his guitar. Brian Setzer performed only for just several customers who were there for nothing. He seldom does such a thing now, so this is a very rare and precious clip."

Brian Setzer
Live @ Vintage Guitar Shop Japan 1992


1.Your Cheatin' Heart
2.Mystery Train
3.Summertime Blues
4.Too Hip Gotta Go
5.My True Story
6.Just Because
7.Lonesome Tears
9.Twenty Flight Rock (Bonus Track)

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Gene Vincent & His Bluecaps are the centerpiece.

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