Friday, August 17, 2007

Rockabilly Compilation Album Artwork

I did this for a buddy of mine.

I took a photo of a band called the Sugar Creek Trio, added some little touches to the drums. I also cleaned the pic up a little in photoshop - clone stamp. I then took some pics that fit with the era - 50's and a pic of a Gretsch guitar and BAM! It came together. I love designing album art, especially for music I love - Rockabilly.


Hoss Hoggs Restaurant - Postcards

A former boss of mine owns a restaurant that serves up BBQ, etc... So he was wanting to come up with some new promotional stuff. I made all kinds of suggestions from bottling Hoss Hoggs BBQ Sauce, Hoss Hoggs Micro-Brew, t-shirts, etc... I also came up with an idea to design postcards that could be left at the table and people could fill them out and the restaurant would pay for postage and send them out. None of my ideas flew...

I redesigned his logo and everything. This was a complete re-work. This is all my idea and concept. His current logo and image look nothing like this... and thats to bad. Cause I think his current image looks cheesy compared to this. Thats my opinion.

I took a picture of a pig and made a silhouette. Then cut the arms and legs and positioned them where I wanted them. I attached a cowboy hat and found a piece of horse clip-art. I came up withh all the verbage also.

Photoshop & FreehandMX

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Road Dogs Comedy Tour - Promo Fliers

I did these a couple years ago for an entertainment company that handled the promotions for this comedy tour. The entertainment company didn't give me anything to work with except the general copy info. I had to find photo's of the comedians online. At that point I should've known I was gonna have problems getting paid - not very professional. But I liked how these turned out... I did another series as well with similar colors and look for The Road Dogs.

Most of the designs here on my blog, not all, but most - I come up with everything from color schemes, logo design, photo touch up/manipulation, copy writing, etc... this series was no exception. I did everything on these - color schemes, logo design, copy writing, layout....

Photoshop and FreehandMX

Monday, August 6, 2007

Embassy Suites - Advertising Design

This was an ad for Embassy Suites. They gave me a photo and the logos. I came up with the headline and the look.

Photoshop CS3 & Quark